Joseph William Bennett + Elsie May Dalzell Bennett

No children
Joseph William Bennett Census 1900
Birth: April 21, 1855 30 25
Occupation: Solicitor
Death: December 17, 1916Coos Bay, Oregon, United States of America
George Bennett
Birth: October 23, 1824 27 Hill House, Bandon, County Cork, Ireland
Occupation: Author "History of Bandon"
Death: October 15, 1900Bandon, Oregon, United States of America
Birth: 1830 England
Death: August 12, 1904Bandon, County Cork, Ireland
Elsie Bennett Arthur McKeown Josphep W Bennett.jpg
Birth: 1875 34 30 Liscard, Cheshire, England
Death: after 1950

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Note: Joseph William Bennett

Joseph William Bennett
in the Web: Multnomah County, Oregon Marriage Index, 1855-1919

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Name: Joseph William Bennett
Marriage Year: 1909
Marriage Place: Multnomah, Oregon, USA
Spouse: Elsie May Dillon O'Connor
Volume: 25
Page: 135

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