Sarah Wolfe, 1885

Sarah /Wolfe/
Given names
Family with parents
Marriage Marriage
5 years
younger sister
3 years
younger brother
3 years
younger sister
Birth of a brother
about 1885 (aged 0)
Birth of a sister
about 1889 (aged 3 years)
Birth of a brother
about 1891 (aged 5 years)
Birth of a sister
about 1893 (aged 7 years)
Death of a father
Death of a mother

Early life and education
Sally Wolfe was born on Christmas Day, 1885[1] to John Joseph and Marion Wolfe in Ireland. She was the second child and eldest daughter among her five siblings. During her early childhood, Wolfe's family moved from their home to The Grove, a house on the outskirts of Skibbereen (County Cork, Ireland) that once belonged to her maternal grandmother. There, the Wolfes lived a relatively comfortable life and had close ties with the Methodist Church, as John Joseph and Marion were both raised in heavily Methodist families.

As a child, Wolfe attended the Ladies’ School in Skibbereen and later attended Mr. Storey's Intermediate School. After entering and graduating from Alexandra College in Dublin, Ireland, Wolfe attended University College Cork in 1908 to study medicine with the intention of becoming a medical missionary. While she was there, she was honored for her academic achievements, as she earned the titles of First Exhibitioner in Science (1907-1908) and Second Year Exhibitioner (1909) and was honored with fourth and fifth year scholarships of £28 and £30, respectively. Wolfe graduated from Cork University in 1913 and subsequently began working at the Royal Samaritan Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland. There, she was appointed resident house surgeon in 1913 and ultimately, in June 1913, was promoted to a paid position under a surgeon named Dr. A.W. Russell.[1]

Due to differences and dissatisfaction with the Royal Samaritan Hospital and Dr. Russell in particular, Wolfe resigned from her position at the hospital on November 30, 1913.