1588 Thomas (snr) emigrated to Ireland with Phane Beecher

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1588 Thomas (snr) emigrated to Ireland with Phane Beecher
26/9/1612 Charter of Baltimore. Thomas Bennett the elder and Thomas Bennett the younger were named among the first twelve burgesses of
Baltimore. R. Caulfield, The Council Book of Kinsale 1879
Fiants of Queen Elizabeth, p 35. No. 5266
Grant to Phane Beecher of London, gent; of the castle of O Mahowny, alias O Mahown’s castle,and a moiety of the country and cantred of Kinalmechi,
alias Kilnalmechi which lies on both sides of the river of Bandon and adjoins the country of Carbry on the south and Muskery on the north, in co. Cork;
and to Hugh Worth of Somerton, Somersetshire, gent; of the other moiety of Kinalmechi, the country containing in all 28,000 acres. To hold for ever in
fee farm and common socage. Rent from each from 1594, £66.13s.4d (half only for the preceding three years) and ½d. for each acre of waste land
brought into tillage. If the lands are found by measurement within 10 years to contain more than the estimated number of acres, they shall pay one
penny farthing and the third of a farthing for each English acre so in excess. Each of the grantees is subject to the conditions imposed on all the
undertakers in Munster. 30 Sept; 1588
[Phane Beecher was the second son of Alderman Henry Beecher of London.]

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